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Stop Teacher,you need send SID,safekey,timeStamp,teacher mobile phone no,teacher UID。Note: China mainland mobile phone number does not fill in the country number, otherwise the prompt is illegal.This interface can be used to disable the teacher, after which the teacher cannot arrange classes for the teacher, and the teacher cannot see the authorized cloud disk resources of the institution in the client



HTTP Request Methods #

  • POST

Coding format #

  • UTF-8

Request data #

keyRequiredMore RestrictionsInstructionsDescription
SIDYesNullSchool IDIt is available through the eeo.cn application
safeKeyYesFixed 32-bit all lowercase charactersSchool authentication security keysafeKey=MD5(SECRET+timeStamp)
timeStampYesNullimestamp used by safeKeyUnix Epoch timeStamp is the number of seconds passed by 00:00 (world standard time) on January 1, 1970
teacherUidYesNullThe teacher UIDRegister the user UID returned by the user interface

Response data #

keyTypeSample valuemeaning
error_infoobjectReturn message object
└ errnonumber1The error code
└ errorstring“Normal execution”Error details

Sample #

  • HTTP request
POST /partner/api/course.api.php?action=stopUsingTeacher HTTP/1.1
Host: root_url
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Cache-Control: no-cache

  • Shell cURL analog request instruction
curl -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -X "POST" \
       -d "SID=1234567" \
       -d "safeKey=0f7781b3033527a8cc2b1abbf45a5fd2" \
       -d "timeStamp=1484719085" \
       -d "teacherUid=1001001" \

Response sample(The normal return json packet example) #

  "error_info": {
    "errno": 1,
    "error": "程序正常执行"

Error Code Description #

Error CodeDescription
1Successful execution.
100Incomplete or incorrect parameters.
102Don’t have permissions(Security verification failed).
104Operation failed (unknown error).
114Server exception.
122The teacher’s account is not legal.
136There is no such teacher under the institution. Please add the teacher to the institution.
317The teacher has unfinished lessons.
339The teacher has unfinished courses.
386The admin account with teacher’s identity cannot be deactivated.
400The requested data is not valid.
402The sub-admin account cannot be deactivated(The account has been added as a sub-admin in the ClassIn admin dashboard.).